Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Alpacca Pellets

This product contains all necessary energy, protein, minerals, trace elements and vitamins for growth of Alpacca. Hay, straw or silage should be available on an adlib basis.

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SFMCA Feed Safe Accreditation #45

Beef: Balanced to improve performance. Read more

Dairy Cow: Protein from 12% to 25%. Read more

Sheep: Energy, protein, minerals.
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Chicken: A nutritionally balanced ration for feeding. Read more

Pig: For growing pigs.
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Horse: Designed for breeders.
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Deer: For growth and finishing.
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Goat: Balance the diet.
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Kettridges has been lending a hand to WA farmers for many years and is the first point of call for all of your stockfeed needs. From dairy and feedlot cattle to sheep, poultry, pigs and horses Kettridges manufactures a product to suit your needs.

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